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Mark Meloy

Desert Sketches By Ellen Meloy

We recently uncovered a collection of radio essays by the late naturalist and environmentalist Ellen Meloy. So we're reintroducing you to the beauty and wit found in her extraordinary writing. (Rebroadcast)

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RadioWest | Films

An 81-year tradition in Palmyra, New York.

RadioWest and Plan-B Theatre present the latest in our original radio drama series. It's Utah playwright Matthew Ivan Bennett's dark comedy about an internet troll who becomes a real one.

Why Are We So Angry?

Dec 12, 2018
The Atlantic

America has always been an angry nation, says the writer Charles Duhigg. But these days our anger out of hand. Duhigg joins us explore the power of anger, how it works, and how it can be turned back into a national strength.

The Real Estreya/CC via Flickr

A good book could be the gift your loved one actually remembers. Local booksellers join us Tuesday to offer the best novels, poetry, non-fiction, and more. We'll also talk about great books for kids.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Church Office Building and the Utah State Capitol
Mark Goebel via CC/Flickr

Monday, we’re talking about what role the LDS Church played in the shaping of Utah’s medical cannabis law.  Some say the Church got too involved in the recent political debate. What's appropriate when religious officials weigh in on politics?

A honeybee flying towards a flower
Public domain

A lot of people hate bugs, but even most bug haters have a soft spot for bees. The biologist Thor Hanson has written a new book that explores the natural history of bees. It's about where they come from, how they work and how we can help them. (Rebroadcast)

Next Door Strangers

Dec 6, 2018

What would it take to get you to have a real conversation with someone you completely disagree with? It’s the question at the heart of Next Door Strangers, a podcast by journalist Andrea Smardon.

Wednesday morning, KUER is airing George H.W. Bush's funeral. At 7:00 p.m. on RadioWest, we're talking about the political strategist Machiavelli, and his advice on how to choose a good leader. (Rebroadcast)

RaMell Ross / Idiom Film

In his film Hale County This Morning, This Evening, director RaMell Ross abandons the traditional documentary form, opting for a kind of lyrical and and vivid portrait of life in the modern South.

Justin Metz / Pablo Delcan / The Atlantic

Young people these days are having less and less sex. It’s actually kind of a problem, and the reasons behind the so-called sex recession aren’t all that wholesome.


Nov 30, 2018
160 mg tablets of oxycontin from Purdue Pharma
Opiate Addiction Treatment via Flickr

What does it mean to be dopesick? When you're addicted and have run out of pills, it means misery and desperation. Journalist Beth Macy joins us with chilling stories from America's opioid crisis. (Rebroadcast)


Monday's Show

IIP Photo Archive / Creative Commons

The Life And Work Of Frederick Douglass

Monday, we’re talking about Fredrick Douglass, escaped slave, educator, and orator. Historian David Blight says that words were his only weapon, and he used his voice to explain the human condition.

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