Elaine Clark

Producer, RadioWest

Elaine Clark is a Hoosier, and studied Folklore and Germanic Studies at Indiana University. She earned a Master's degree in Middle East Studies from the University of Utah, which included a year of academic research and work for an education NGO in the West Bank. In her free time, Elaine dreams about her former days as a rugby fullback, wanders the desert and mountains with her husband and stepdaughter, and, as a self-confessed history nerd, reads 19th century newspapers and census records for sport.

Ways To Connect

The Utah Arts Festival is now underway, so #CreativeUtah No. 5 is the final challenge in our creativity series. We've partnered with the Festival to inspire you to see the art around you. This week, we're asking you to find "Unintentional Art." We were inspired by Davy Rothbart, creator of Found Magazine. The idea of the magazine is simple, they collect and publish stuff that readers have found and sent into them - notes, photos, cards, whatever. Rothbart says it's a way to connect to people we share the world with. RadioWest producer Elaine Clark spoke with him.


May 13, 2015

When journalist Maziar Bahari was arrested following his coverage of Iran’s 2009 election, he figured he’d be released quickly. He saw his work as fair and focused on helping the West understand Iran. But the government charged him as a spy, with “evidence” that included everything from his reporting to a satirical interview with The Daily Show. Bahari is in Utah, and joins guest host Elaine Clark to talk about his months in prison and to explain how his torturer became a vicious muse.

Utah is full of real stories and real characters that make this place unique. And it’s full of filmmakers ready to bring those stories to an audience. Are you one of them?

On Wednesday, June 10 at 7:00 p.m., Salt Lake Film Society and VideoWest are hosting an evening of short documentary films about Utah places or people, and we’re hoping you’ll add yours to the mix.

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Tuesday on RadioWest, we're telling the strange story of an 18th century experiment in education. Thomas Day was a wealthy poet and philosopher who ran in all the right circles, but he also dressed terribly, could hijack a conversation and had extreme ideas about women, even for the time. Not surprisingly, he didn't have a lot of luck with the ladies … so he decided the only way to find a mate was to train her himself. Journalist and author Wendy Moore joins guest host Elaine Clark to talk about her book How to Create the Perfect Wife.

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