The Big Business of High School Sports

Jan 7, 2013

Last year, Granite School District put an end to a wealthy benefactor’s significant financial support of and involvement with Cottonwood High School’s football program. A state audit later found widespread problems with how Utah’s high schools managed booster funds for their athletic programs. These and other revelations have shed some light on what surprisingly big business high school sports can be. Tuesday, we’re talking about what role sports should play in our kids’ education and what happens when that balance is tipped.

The Salt Lake Tribune recently released a series of articles about the controversy surrounding Cottonwood High School's derailed football program.

  • Lisa Schencker wrote an article about new rules set by Granite School District that hobbled Cottonwood's program.
  • Kyle Goon reported on the benefactor at the center of the dispute, Scott Cate.


  • Lisa Schencker reports on education and faith for the Salt Lake Tribune.
  • Kyle Goon covers sports for the Tribune.
  • Douglas Hartmann is a professor of sociology at the University of Minnesota, where he teaches classes on sports in society.