Gage Skidmore / CC via Flickr

Wednesday, we’re talking about Senator Orrin Hatch’s decision to retire after more than 40 years in office. We’ll explore his career, his legacy, and ask who may run in his place.

Trump and Me

Jul 12, 2016

In 1996, New Yorker staff writer Mark Singer was assigned a profile of Manhattan businessman Donald Trump, and it wasn’t long before Singer realized this was no ordinary subject. The piece has been called one of the best pre-campaign portraits of Trump there is, but Trump wasn’t impressed. He wrote Singer a note to call him A TOTAL LOSER whose WRITING SUCKS! Well, Singer’s at it again with a book that revisits his deeply reported, psychological portrait, and he joins us Tuesday to talk about it.

Monday, we’re talking about the history of socialism in the United States. Our guest is historian Michael Kazin, who says though self-described democratic socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is unlikely to win, his campaign isn’t ridiculous. Kazin explains that Sanders is just the latest socialist candidate to highlight issues that “discomfort the comfortable.” We’ll ask why socialism never really took hold in the U.S. and what it’s nevertheless contributed to American political life.