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Davis School District
Screen shot
Late last year, the Department of Justice chastised the Davis School District for failing to address “serious and widespread” racist behavior. But where does the buck stop for that problem?
The artist Trevor Southey stands in front of  a painting depicting nude figures or a woman, a child and a man.
Nathan Florence & Matt Black
In a new documentary film, the artist and painter Nathan Florence explores a collective of influential Utah artists who aimed to use their creative gifts to make the kind of work collected in major museums that also expressed their deeply held faith in the LDS Church.
In 1983, Robert Michael Painter died of an AIDS-related illness in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was the first documented AIDS death in the state.
Tuesday, Jan. 18, is the kick-off date for the 2022 General Session of the Utah Legislature. So, how does our state government actually pass laws? And who are the people who decide the rules that affect all of us?