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How The Press Makes Us Hate Each Other

Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi has new a book that he describes as an “insider’s guide to the pressures at work in media." He says we’re exploiting people’s desire to root for their own team and hate the rest. (Rebroadcast)

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Scott Chandler is the proprietor of Tatton Baird Hatters in Springville, Utah. He’s spent 17 years developing his craft and says to be good at it, “you have to slow things down and feel it.”

Wild Bill

Apr 17, 2019
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Wednesday, we’re telling the story of famed gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok. Biographer Tom Clavin joins us to separate fact from fiction in Wild Bill’s life.

The Recovering

Apr 16, 2019
From UK cover of The Recovering

The writer Leslie Jamison said she had bought into the story that booze and a dark temperament were ingredients of beautiful art. So when she sobered up she had to ask herself whether you can write compelling stories about happiness.

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Growing up in the American Southwest, the writer Francisco Cantu always had some idea of what happened along the US-Mexico border, but he wanted to know more. So, he joined the Border Patrol, hoping he could be a force for good.

Painting in Asian style depicting Lao Tzue and the discovery of a giant pearl.
Kristina Collantes / The Atlantic

Legend says the Pearl of Lao Tzu was found in 1934 after a diver drowned trying to pry it from the mouth of a giant clam. The writer Michael LaPointe has traced the pearl's unbelievable story through a tangled web of fact and fiction.

Crowd of people looking at a redrock arch
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Edward Abbey’s love letter to redrock country, Desert Solitaire, is 50 years old now. But a lot has changed in that time. The writer Amy Irvine joins us to offer a different take on Abbey’s season in the wilderness.

Cristina Ibarra and Alex Rivera's film The Infiltrators tells the true story of young immigrants who were arrested by Border Patrol and put in a detention center—on purpose. It’s about what happens to detained migrants, and what it takes to free them.

Open pea pod showing four peas.
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Tuesday, science writer Carl Zimmer joins us to talk about the power of heredity. The traits we share with our parents or kids, how does that work exactly? Zimmer says it can be a gift or a curse.

Political Tribes

Apr 8, 2019
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Legal scholar Amy Chua says tribalism is tearing the U.S. apart, and in order to build unity, we need to understand how identity politics have hijacked the left and the right.

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The LDS Church has reversed its policy that called same-sex marriage an apostasy and denied baptism to children in LGBTQ families. Friday, we’re talking about the changes and what they mean.

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In a controversial new book, Alex Berenson aims to torpedo a lot of what we think we know about marijuana. He says it isn’t the panacea we’ve been led to believe it is, and that it causes psychosis, which leads to violence.


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Fixing Health Care: Medicare For All

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about “Medicare for All” recently. Thursday, we’ll talk about how much it would cost and what it would mean to end private insurers and build a single-payer health care system .

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