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How To Do Nothing

Time is money, and increasingly so is our attention. The artist Jenny Odell wants people to spend less time worrying about their productivity. Instead of doing something, she says, try doing nothing.

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In 2003, U.S. Army Specialist Alyssa Peterson died by suicide in Tal Afar, Iraq. It took time before her brother Mitch was ready to look into her death. Now he says he owes it to her.

Courtesy Sundance Institute

Thursday, we're talking about a documentary about a farm. John and Molly Chester wanted to create a place that followed the way a natural ecosystem works. But getting there, wasn’t easy.

2019 Summer Reading

May 22, 2019
Renee Bright / KUER

Did you really think we'd go on hiatus without giving you a summer book show?

Little, Brown and Company

In his latest book, the scholar Jared Diamond looks at how nations deal with moments of crisis. He says that we can cope with these big national problems the same way we do with personal ones.

In a new book, science writer Thomas Hager recounts the fascinating backstories of ten drugs that have changed the way we live. Behind the search for new and better medicines there’s always been this hope for an effective drug without any risk.

Two 19th-century women holding each other intimately
Wild Nights with Emily

After today's show you might ditch everything you thought you knew about the poet Emily Dickinson. Madeleine Olnek’s new film tries to correct the idea that Dickinson was a sullen, distant recluse.

British Newspaper Archive

Thursday, we’re talking about the five women brutally killed by Jack the Ripper. The historian Hallie Rubenhold says the women often come to us as empty shells, but in her new book, she’s fixing that.

The Lost Gutenberg

May 15, 2019
Pelplin Diocesan Museum, CC 4.0

Only 49 of original editions of the Gutenberg Bible are known to survive. Margaret Leslie Davis joins Wednesday to tell the 500-year odyssey of obsession and tragedy of one extremely rare and beautiful copy of a book that sparked a revolution.

Wikimedia, https://tinyurl.com/y6cawhsx

Historian Greg Prince's new book traces half a century of the LDS Church’s policies and attitudes towards the LGBTQ community. He joins us to talk about their actions and the unintended consequences.

Renee Bright / KUER

The Salt Lake Tribune has undergone lots of changes in the recent past, but nothing like what it plans next. The newspaper announced it plans last week to become a nonprofit. What does that mean for the future of journalism in Utah?

Hail Satan?

May 10, 2019
Courtesy Sundance Institute

Friday, we’re talking about a documentary about Satanists. It’s both a political and a religious movement. They don’t believe in a Satan, just the idea that he was the ultimate rebel.


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