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TTL: Grey Gardens
Renee Bright
When the Maysels brothers showed up in 1972 to shoot a documentary film at the dilapidated estate of Grey Gardens in the East Hamptons, they didn't quite know what they were getting into, or what kind of movie they would end up with.
Water levels in Great Salt Lake have shrunk to record lows. The biologist Bonnie Baxter says we're seeing an ecosystem collapse before our eyes — as microbialities are bleached, brine flies and shrimp die off and birds migrate elsewhere. Toxic dust released from the dry lakebed endangers people, too. Meanwhile Bonnie studies the lake and tracks its decline.

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  • With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time again for our annual tradition: Gathering a few close friends and talking books with them.
  • 400 + years ago this month, a group of separatists from the Church of England landed in the New World looking for religious freedoms. But what did freedom really mean to this small band?
  • We’re marking Thanksgiving with a conversation about Indigenous foodways.
  • A true multi-hyphenate, writer-director-actor Lake Bell is obsessed with how we sound. Her new audiobook celebrates that “least-appreciated” trait: our voices.
  • Recent reports out of Canada and Australia have raised questions about how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints manages its global finances. While it may be entirely within the letter of the law, whistleblowers argue that, for a religious organization, it's the spirit of the law that should matter the most.
  • Queer people have worked at all levels of our nation’s politics and government. But in the mid-20th-century, when being queer was vilified — and often associated with Communism, Nazism, and plotting against America — coming out was tantamount to social obliteration and career annihilation. So people hid.
  • If you’re into food writing or follow celebrity chefs, the chances are good that you've run across British food star Nigella Lawson. But how much do you actually know about her work?
  • Utah is in the national spotlight with the Lee v. McMullin Senate race. But other important races could also have an effect on Utah voters.
  • Godzilla — the King of the Monsters — has starred in 37 feature films. But the very first one, released in 1954, stands above them all.
  • At the peak of her career, in the early 1900’s, Utah native Maude Adams was America’s most famous stage actress, pulling in a million dollars a year. But fame was neither her goal nor ambition. Rather, fame was something her mother, the actress Annie Adams, wanted but never realized herself.
With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time again for our annual tradition: Gathering a few close friends and talking books with them.
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