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A Conversation With Jonathan Lethem

Jerry Schatzberg
Jonathan Lethem

Thursday, Doug sat down with novelist Jonathan Lethem as part of the Utah Humanities Book Festival. It’s hard to pin him down to one genre, but Lethem’s wry humor and stinging social commentary have earned him accolades like a MacArthur “genius” grant. His new novel follows a handsome, international backgammon gambler who is, in Lethem’s words, “being reworked by life.” Friday, we’re airing our conversation with Jonathan Lethem about his artistic journey, and why it is he’s never read one of his own books.

Jonathan Lethem's 10th novel is called The Gambler’s Anatomy and it's available at Weller Book Works in Trolley Square or online [Indiebound|Amazon]. Our thanks to Weller's and to the Utah Humanities Book Festival.