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RadioWest and Utah Film Center have partnered to present the best in documentary filmmaking. We talk with established and new directors who are changing the way audiences see the world and then screen their films.



We're continuing our documentary film series "Through the Lens" with director and producer Jim Whitaker. Whitaker is the creator of Rebirth, a film that captures a "living history" of September 11. It follows the journey of five people directly affected by the tragedy - a sort of time lapse of their grief, their memories and their path to recovery. Whitaker joins Doug on Tuesday and we'll screen the film Thursday night.

  • Visit the Rebirth Project on-line
  • Thursday, August 18, RadioWest and the SLC Film Center will host a free screening of "Rebirth" at the Salt Lake City Public Library. The film begins at 7:00 p.m., and there will be a Q&A with director Jim Whitaker via Skype immediately following. For more information, click here