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What's a Dog For?


When magazine editor John Homans and his family adopted their first dog, he was struck by the strangeness of having a predator in his home, one who really liked having her belly scratched. He also wondered why his family was so enthralled by this creature. So he set out to answer some basic canine questions: Where do dogs come from? How did they become so un-wolf-like? Why do we love them so much? Basically, he wanted to know what a dog’s for. Homans joins us Monday to explore our relationship with man’s best friend.


John Homans is the executive editor of New York magazine. His first book is called What's a Dog For? The Surprising history, Science, Philosophy and Politics of Man's Best Friend [Amazon|Indiebound], and it's recently been released in paperback.

John Homans referenced canine scientist Brian Hare and his book The Genius of Dogs [Amazon|Indiebound]