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Understanding Racism in America

Illustration by <a href="http://bit.ly/1sYIjlp">Alex Nabaum</a>

It seems like every week there’s news of a white person run afoul of racial etiquette. It often happens that he or she is compelled to apologize, resign, or be fired. Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling, and a Utah legislator claiming the NAACP is a racist organization are just a few recent examples. But are these men outliers or symptoms of deeper cultural problems? Thursday we’re examining how racism in America has changed, asking where we’ve made progress on race relations where we’ve fallen short.


  • Theodore Johnson, III is a US Navy Commander and commentator on race and politics whose articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Salon, and NPR.com.
  • Debby Irving is a racial justice educator and writer who teaches at Wheellock College. Her new book is called Waking Up White [Amazon|Indiebound]