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How Eloquence Works

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The linguist David Crystal singles out President Barack Obama for his gifted eloquence.

We all know eloquence when we hear it. The skillful delivery of language delights us, captivates us, persuades and moves us. Most importantly, says the linguist David Crystal, speakers and listeners alike enjoy eloquent speech. Crystal has dissected the qualities and practice of eloquence. Partly, he wants to better understand how it's achieved. He also wants to show that eloquence is a talent everyone who uses words can possess. Crystal joins us Monday to examine how the gift of gab works. (Rebroadcast)

David Crystal is an independent scholar with lifelong experience as a lecturer, public speaker, and broadcaster. He is the author of more than one hundred books on phonetics, Shakespeare’s language, child language, and related topics. His latest book is called The Gift of the Gab: How Eloquence Works [Amazon|Indiebound].

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