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Intelligence in the Flesh

Pierre-Selim via CC/Flickr, http://bit.ly/1GRp27B

For years, science has told us that intelligence originates in the brain and that the body is just a vehicle to be controlled and piloted. But what if we’ve got it wrong? The cognitive scientist Guy Claxton thinks we do. The mind, he says, is more like a chat room, where the body’s systems share information and debate the best actions. So it’s the really the body, not the mind, that constitutes the core of our intelligent life. Claxton joins us to explore the intelligence in our flesh. (Rebroadcast)

Guy Claxton, cognitive scientist and professor emeritus at the University of Winchester, where he founded the Centre for Real-World Learning. His new book is called Intelligence in the Flesh: Why Your Mind Needs Your Body More Than It Thinks [Amazon|Indiebound].

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