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Vivian Lee’s Long Fix For America’s Healthcare

Renee Bright

With the Supreme Court reviewing another challenge to the Affordable Care Act this past Tuesday, we turn to Dr. Vivian Lee, who says that the problem with our healthcare system isn’t the question of who is paying for what but rather, what we are paying for.

In her book, The Long Fix, Dr. Lee notes that everyone involved with paying for healthcare – from individuals to insurers to the government to employers – pays for too many things that don’t help patients. She says that it’s a practice that is both backward – and dangerous. She’ll join us Friday at 11 a.m. to talk about how to fix the system and how we can all be healthier.

Dr. Vivian S. Lee (@vivianleemd) is an American radiologist, the president of Health Platforms at Verily Life Sciences and the author of The Long Fix: Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis with Strategies that Work for Everyone. [Bookshop|Amazon | Audible]