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Liquor, Laws, and Utah

Austen Diamond, https://goo.gl/5VyVXA
Scott Gardner, bar manager of Finca, prepares craft cocktails behind the Zion Curtain

Monday, we’re talking about the system of laws that control the sale of alcohol in Utah, including the infamous “Zion Curtain” regulation that’s been getting lots of attention lately. Proponents argue that these laws are crucial to protecting public health and safety, and that they provide safe spaces for the state’s teetotalers. The other side claims the laws are based on flimsy logic and harm Utah economically. They also contend the state monopoly on liquor distribution needs to be dissolved.

  • Jim Dabakis is a Democrat in the Utah State Senate representing the 2nd district. He has sponsored legislation calling for the removal of the so-called "Zion Curtain" behind which mixed drinks are prepared at a number of Utah restaurants.
  • Derek Monson is director of public policy at the Sutherland Institute, which has lobbied in support of several of Utah's alcohol control laws.
  • Alexander Wagenaar, Research Professor, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University