Doug Fabrizio

Host/Executive Producer

Doug Fabrizio has been reporting for KUER News since 1987, and became News Director in 1993. In 2001, he became host and executive producer of KUER's RadioWest, a one hour conversation/call-in show on KUER 90.1 in Salt Lake City. He has gained a reputation for his thoughtful style. He has interviewed everyone from Isabel Allende to the Dalai Lama, and from Madeleine Albright to Desmond Tutu. His interview skills landed him a spot as a guest host of the national NPR program, "Talk of the Nation." He has won numerous awards for his reporting and for his work with RadioWest and KUED's Utah NOW from such organizations as the Society of Professional Journalists, the Utah Broadcasters Association, the Public Radio News Directors Association and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Ways to Connect

Political Tribes

Apr 8, 2019
IIP Photo Archive, CC via Flickr,


Legal scholar Amy Chua says tribalism is tearing the U.S. apart, and in order to build unity, we need to understand how identity politics have hijacked the left and the right.

Quinn Dombrowski / CC via Flickr

The LDS Church has reversed its policy that called same-sex marriage an apostasy and denied baptism to children in LGBTQ families. Friday, we’re talking about the changes and what they mean.

Chuck Grimmett / Flickr CC

In a controversial new book, Alex Berenson aims to torpedo a lot of what we think we know about marijuana. He says it isn’t the panacea we’ve been led to believe it is, and that it causes psychosis, which leads to violence.

Courtesy of Top Knot Films

Have you seen Abducted in Plain Sight? The true-crime doc has getting a lot of buzz because the story is just so crazy. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should before our conversation on Wednesday.

Two Utah Poets

Apr 2, 2019

Tuesday, our guests are Utah poets Paisley Rekdal and Jacqueline Osherow. They both have new collections and will join us to talk about and read from their work.

Intelligent Lives

Apr 1, 2019
Dan Habib / Intelligent Lives

IQ tests have been around for a while, but what do they really tell us? In a new documentary, director Dan Habib explores whether any attempt to measure intelligence can really predict a person’s true value.

Mary Todd Lincoln with Abraham Lincoln's "spirit" behind her.
Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana

William Mumler was a 19th-century photographer who took portraits of people and the ghosts of their departed. And he made a good living at it until he was arrested for fraud. (Rebroadcast)

Robert Thivierge / Flickr CC

Nadine Strossen says we should protect hate speech. She's former ACLU president, and she argues that censorship just doesn’t work. The way to resist hate speech, she says, is with more free speech.

Brian Albers / KUER 90.1

Wednesday, we’re exploring the problem of housing affordability in Utah. With the state's high birthrate and an influx of new workers moving to the state, it’s becoming harder and more expensive to find a place to live. 

Wit's End

Mar 26, 2019
Alan Levine via CC/Flickr

Tuesday, a conversation about wit and wittiness. Author James Geary says wit is more than just a knack for snappy comebacks. He calls it a “fundamental operating system of human creativity.”