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Natu Tweh


Natu Tweh, the son of Liberian immigrants, comes to Salt Lake City from Miami, Florida. He keeps his culture close and is always open to sharing it with anyone and everyone. Natu enjoys trying new activities, adding most of them to an ever-increasing list of hobbies. The top of this eclectic list includes music, reading manga, breakdancing, playing rhythm games and martial arts. During his time at the University of Florida, Natu focused on music journalism. He wrote reviews and interviewed bands for the now defunct blog LVL to the Room, and co-hosted Connect the Dots, a weekly radio show that focused on music and activism. After graduating from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s in journalism, Natu’s sense of adventure and passion for learning led him to Salt Lake City. He’s excited to work with RadioWest and soak in everything he can!