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10/17/11: The Pirates of Somalia

<A href="http://www.navy.mil/management/photodb/photos/081109-N-1082Z-051.jpg" target="_blank">U.S. Navy</a>
Somali pirates captured the MV Faina in Nov. 2008

In the fall of 2008, Jay Bahadur was stuck in a job he hated. He yearned to be a journalist, but he had no faith in journalism schools. So he flew to the hinterlands of Somalia to write a book about the world of modern day pirates. He wanted to tell the full story of the buccaneers of Puntland: what they do and who they are as human beings on both land and sea, not simply the AK-47-toting thugs who appear in news stories.Bahadur joins Doug on Monday to Doug on talk about the pirates of Somalia. (Rebroadcast)

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