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Should Utah Crack Down on Drunk Driving?

James Palinsad (http://bit.ly/2mSdcGv) via CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://bit.ly/1dsePQq)

Earlier this month, Utah legislators passed a bill that would give the state the strictest DUI law in the country. The Beehive State was the first to lower the legal blood-alcohol content from .1 to .08, and the new law, if signed by Governor Gary Herbert, would further lower that limit to .05. Supporters say doing so will reduce drunk driving and save lives, while opponents worry that the law will hurt restaurants, bars, and the state’s reputation. Thursday, we’ll hear from both sides.

Dr. Bella Dinh-Zarr is the acting chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board.

Jim Dabakis is a Democrat in the Utah State Senate representing the 2nd district.

Robert Gehrke is a columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune.

Benjamin Bombard is a producer of RadioWest.

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