10/31/11: Dracula - A Radio Play

Oct 28, 2011

Monday on RadioWest we're presenting a radio play. Ballet West has a Dracula Festival going on, and we're getting into the act by broadcasting an adaptation of Bram Stoker's story. Really at its most basic, it's about a real estate transaction. This creepy count is trying to relocate from Transylvania to England, but something is not quite right about the guy. We'll give you the works: radio actors, sound effects and spooky music. It's the perfect thing for Halloween.

  • Ballet West's production of Ben Stevenson's Dracula continues through November 1. For tickets and information, click here

Books and Music from Today's RadioWest:

  • Leslie Klinger, The New Annotated Dracula
  • Leslie Klinger,In the Shadow of Dracula SC
  • Bernard Herrmann Orchestra, The In-Laws
  • Ayton & Atherton, Haunted House
  • Bernard Herrmann Orchestra, The Ghost