11/1/11: The Doper Next Door

Oct 31, 2011

Andrew Tilin, a journalist and amateur cyclist, wanted to write a story about a regular guy taking performance enhancing drugs. He was unable to find a citizen doper willing to come clean, so decided to become his story's subject. In his new book, Tilin details, with startling honesty, his amped-up and guilt-ridden year taking testosterone, competing in races and breaking USA Cycling rules. Doug talks with Tilin on Tuesday about the highs and lows of taking roids in pursuit of youthful vigor.

  • Andrew Tilin will be in town this week to give a few reading's of "The Doper Next Door." On Thursday, November 3, he'll be at The Kings English Bookshop at 7 P.M. He's at Millcreek Bicycles on Friday, November 4, at 6 P.M. And on Saturday he'll be reading at Dolly's Bookstore in Park City at 2:30 P.M.

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