Beyond Candidates: 2018 Ballot Measures

Oct 11, 2018

Utah voters have some important decisions to make this November. From medical marijuana, to Medicaid expansion and a referendum on gerrymandering, it’s a lot to consider. A panel of journalists joins us to discuss what’s at stake.

Utah voters have some important decisions to make in the upcoming midterm election. There’s the vote on medical marijuana, and one on a tax increase to fund Medicaid expansion. There’s a ballot proposition that would change how we draw the lines of our voting districts, and there’s a “question,” just a question, about raising the gas tax to help pay for education. It’s a lot to consider, and a panel of local journalists will join us to discuss what’s at stake this November.


  • Julia Ritchey is managing editor for KUER News.
  • Nicole Nixon is a reporter in the KUER newsroom covering state politics.
  • Ben Wood is a reporter at the Salt Lake Tribune covering politics and edcuation.

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