Blazing the Trails Westward

Sep 6, 2011

Tuesday on RadioWest the historian Will Bagley is with us to talk about his epic quest to chronicle the westward migration of American settlers. Bagley's book tells the story of the Overland Trails that brought more than half a million Americans to the far West of Oregon and California. It's the story of families and fortune hunters and the effect that all of it had the native people who for centuries had already been calling the West home. (Rebroadcast)

  • On Wednesday, September 7, Will Bagley will deliver the first Dale L. Morgan Lecture at the Salt Lake City Public Library. He'll be talking about Western historians that have influenced his career - and about the ethics of history. The event is free and starts at 7:00 p.m. It's hosted by Mormon Expressions. More information is available here

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