Building Alliances

Oct 19, 2013

Monday, we're live from the Hinckley Institute of Politics with former Utah Governor and former US cabinet secretary Mike Leavitt and his Chief of Staff-turned-business partner Rich McKeown. They've published a book that uses their political experience to explore how problems can be solved through collaboration and alliance building.  And could the timing be better?  With the ongoing tumult in Washington, we'll ask Leavitt and McKeown for their take on the state of American politics and their suggestions for breaking the cycle of discord and deadlock.

Governor Mike Leavitt and Rich McKeown are co-authors of Finding Allies, Building Alliances. [Amazon|Indiebound] Leavitt and McKeown are also co-founders of Leavitt Partners, a health care consulting firm.

Thanks to the Hinckley Institute of Politics for hosting this broadcast of RadioWest.