Bullets & Belles

Jun 20, 2012

Thursday we’ve got the Salt Lake trio Bullets & Belles in studio to chat and play some tunes as part of our Local Music series. It’s hard to pin down the band’s unique sound, but neo-doo-wop-folk isn’t far from the mark. Bullets & Belles’ music features sparse instrumentation—little more than guitar and hand percussion—married to sublime three-part vocal harmonies and deeply-felt poetic lyrics that reflect on subjects like the brevity of youth, the war in Afghanistan and a mysterious California beach town.

Bullets & Belles is playing a live gig at the Downtown Farmers Market in Salt Lake City on Saturday, June 23, from 10 a.m. to noon.

Bullets & Belles - Doug's Whistling Lesson from RadioWest KUER on Vimeo.