A Conversation with Gretel Ehrlich

Nov 18, 2015

The writer Gretel Ehrlich first visited Greenland in 1993. She’s made many trips to the Arctic since then and she’s noticed the slow death of its ice. While the Arctic is remote, and perhaps distant from our everyday thoughts, Ehrlich says “what happens at the top of the world affects all of us.” It is Earth’s “natural air conditioner,” after all. Ehrlich is in Utah this week, and she joins us Wednesday to talk about the changing Arctic and her life spent writing about the natural world she loves.

Gretel Ehrlich will be the featured speaker at HEAL Utah's 9th Annual Fall Party on Wednesday, November 18, at the State Room. For more information, or for tickets, visit http://www.healutah.org/or call 801-355-5055.

Gretel Ehrlich is a writer, poet, and essayist. She’s the author of numerous books including, The Solace of Open Spaces, In the Empire of Ice, and Islands, the Universe, Home. Her latest book, Facing the Wave: A Journey in the Wake of the Tsunami, was published in 2013. [Amazon|Indiebound].

Ehrlich's husband, Neal Conan, is the former host of NPR's program Talk of the Nation. He now resides in the town of Hāwī on Hawaiʻi island, where he farms macadamia nuts and works as a news analyst for Hawaiʻi Public Radio.