The Crucible of Doubt

Sep 11, 2014

Thursday, Doug is joined by Mormon scholars Terryl and Fiona Givens. Their latest book is an exploration of faith and doubt in religious life. It’s a conversation we’ve had throughout the summer, as Mormon feminists and progressive Mormons faced disciplinary action for publicly challenging theology. For the Givens, who have an orthodox perspective, there’s nothing wrong with doubt. They say the problem comes when those questions are based on flawed assumptions. Their book is called “The Crucible of Doubt.”

Terryl Givens holds the James A. Bostwick chair of English and is Professor of Literature and Religion at the University of Richmond and is the author of several books.

Fiona Givens is a retired modern language teacher. She's also worked as a translator and a lobbyist.

Together, they've co-author The God Who Weeps [Indiebound|Amazon] and their latest The Crucible of Doubt [Amazon]