Denver Snuffer and the Remnant Movement

Aug 1, 2017

Tuesday, we’re talking about a man some disaffected Mormons believe to be a prophet. Denver Snuffer does claim to have spoken with Jesus, but he says he is not leading a new church. The so-called Remnant movement argues the LDS Church has strayed from Joseph Smith’s teachings and is more corporation than spiritual endeavor. So, they reject structure and authority and believe anyone can receive revelation. Doug and guests will explore the movement and the viability of a leaderless sect.


Lindsay Hansen Park is Acting Director of Sunstone, a progressive foundation that discusses Mormonism. She's also host of the podcast Year of Polygamy.

Joseph LeBaron is a filmmaker with a local production and marketing company The Good Line. He has a particular interest in Mormon fringe groups.

  • Check Sunstone's website for forthcoming audio of Denver Snuffer's talk, as well as a panel discussion on the Remnant movement with Tausha Larsen, Adrian Larsen, Quintina Bearchief Adolpho, and Robert WK Adolpho.