Drew Danburry

Jul 30, 2013

For a while there, singer-songwriter Drew Danburry was jaded with making new music. His 2010 album “Goodnight Danii” felt like a high water mark, and he was bummed when it didn’t catch on. Later that year, he put out a punk album under the name Bastian Salazar. It’s been three years since Drew Danburry made a record, but he’s back now, and the album he’ll release this September tells the story of how he became Bastian Salazar. Confused? Well, Drew Danburry will join us on Wednesday to play some music and explain his connection to Bastian Salazar and the Japanese actor Yōsuke Kubozuka.


Drew Danburry is a singer-songwriter and full-time barber who has self-released records since 2002. His albums include "Goodnight Dannii," "The Apache" and "This Could Mean Trouble, You Don't Speak for the Club" (2008) which was recently re-released. You can download all Drew Danburry's albums and read his lyrics on his web site. His new album "Becoming Bastian Salazar" will be released in September.