Jun 19, 2018

Born into a survivalist family, Tara Westover's home-school education taught her to scrap metal, can peaches, and avoid doctors. Her new memoir recounts the journey from junkyard to Cambridge Ph.D.

By the time she entered her first classroom when she was 17, Tara Westover knew how to operate a forklift, but had never heard of Martin Luther King Jr. or the Holocaust. Everything she knew came from her parents. That is until she taught herself enough math and English to get into BYU. Her world began to grow, but the more she learned, the more distant she grew from her family. Tara now has a Ph.D. from Cambridge. Her memoir, Educated, recounts her journey. (Rebroadcast)

Tara Westover has her PhD in history from Cambridge University. Educated is her first book. Indie Bookstores | Amazon | Audible