EnergySolutions' Depleted Uranium Proposal

Apr 22, 2015

  Utah nuclear waste disposal company EnergySolutions hopes to bring 700,000 tons of depleted uranium to a facility in Tooele County. Critics say that while it meets the criteria of Class A waste that EnergySolutions is licensed to store, depleted uranium gets “hotter” over time. The state’s decision is on hold as the company responds to concerns in the recent Safety Evaluation Report. Wednesday, we’re talking about what depleted uranium is and about the science and politics of EnergySolutions' proposal.


  • KUER Environmental Reporter Judy Fahys
  • Matt Pacenza, Executive Director of the environmental group HEAL Utah
  • Mark Walker, Vice President of Marketing and and Media Relations for EnergySolutions

Get more information on depleted uranium and on Public Information meetings scheduled for May 6 and 7 on the Utah Department of Environmental Quality's website