The Evolving Role of Mormon Women

Mar 10, 2014

Tuesday, we’re joined by Jodi Kantor and Laurie Goodstein, reporters at the New York Times whose recent articles about the role of women in the LDS Church appeared in the paper. Kantor and Goodstein spent months interviewing women around the world about their Mormon experience. We’ll talk to them about what they learned about the evolving role of women in the faith. We’ll also ask how the church is adapting as women wield increasing economic sway and more responsibility in the workplace, and we hope to hear from you.

You can read Laurie Goodstein and Jodi Kantor's recent articles about the women's experience in the LDS Church here and here.


Laurie Goodstein is the national religion correspondent for the New York Times.

Jodi Kantor is a feature writer at the New York Times. She's recently been working on a series of stories about gender roles.

Caroline Kline is co-founder of the Mormon-feminist blog The Exponent.