The Folka Dots

Oct 19, 2011

Thursday on RadioWest we're getting old-timey with local roots group The Folka Dots. Marie Bradshaw, Corrine Gentry and Kiki Sieger got together last year to learn some cover songs and weave them into melodious three-part harmonies for the fun of it. That idea bloomed into a full-length album, "Down Below," and they're getting ready to record their follow-up this winter. The Folka Dots will be in the studio on Thursday to chat with Doug and play some old-timey tunes.

  • The Folka Dots are playing a square dance gig at 8 PM on Friday, October 21, at 630 W. Girard Ave in Salt Lake City.
  • Learn more about The Folka Dots.

We couldn't get to all the great music today. The Folka Dots kindly agreed to stay and record just one more ...

Music from today's RadioWest: