Frozen in Time

Sep 3, 2013

In November 1942, a U.S. cargo plane on a routine mission crashed into a Greenland glacier. A B-17 bomber was sent to rescue the downed plane’s five survivors, and it crashed too, stranding nine more men on a boundless ice field. A final rescue plane was dispatched, and it disappeared in a blizzard. In a new book, the writer Mitchell Zuckoff recounts how the nine men aboard the B-17 managed to survive for months in the frozen arctic. He joins us Wednesday to share that epic story and tell of the modern-day expedition to recover the crash’s remains.

After you read Mitchell Zuckoff's new book, Frozen in Time, you can follow the ongoing efforts to recover the wrecked Grumman Duck and it's crew on Zuckoff's blog on


Mitchell Zuckoff is a professor of journalism at Boston University and the author of six books, including Lost in Shangri-La [Amazon|Indiebound] and his newest, Frozen in Time: An Epic Story of Survival and a Modern Quest for Lost Heroes of World War II [Amazon|Indiebound].