God's Plan for Mike Pence

Jan 16, 2018

The reporter McKay Coppins joins us to talk about his profile of Vice President Mike Pence. Coppins investigates why Pence and Christian conservatives have created an unlikely alliance with Donald Trump. Pence believes it's all part of a divine plan.

Tuesday, we’re talking about Vice President Mike Pence. Journalist McKay Coppins has written a profile of the nation’s second in command. It details Pence’s religious and political conversions, his lifelong ambition for power, and his unlikely partnership with Donald Trump. As Coppins writes, Pence believes God himself willed that he should rise to such political heights, which could make him a threat to his boss. Coppins joins us to talk about Pence’s past and where he hopes to be in the future.

McKay Coppins is a staff writer at The Atlantic. His article "God's Plan for Mike Pence" appears in the January-February edition of the magazine.