Joshua James

May 8, 2013

Thursday on RadioWest, we continue our Local Music series with singer-songwriter Joshua James. A Nebraska native, James found both his musical inspiration and his urban-homestead-on-the-range when he moved to Utah a decade ago. He’s since released a number of critically-acclaimed records that showcase his vibrant sonic palette, incredible vocal range and diverse musical inspirations. James’ folksy indie Americana tunes are drawn from his life on the farm, where birth, growth, death, decay and harvest all tell their own stories.

Joshua James on KUER from Cassandra Taylor on Vimeo.


Joshua James has released four full-length albums and five EPs. His most recent records are From the Top of the Willamette Mountain (2012) and the newly-released EP Beware. He muses on music, touring and life on his farm on his blog, From the Top of Willamette Mountain.