The Life of Margaret Fuller

Aug 25, 2014

 Even if you've never heard of Margaret Fuller, you know the people of her circle. She was Thoreau's first editor, Horace Greeley made her a front-page columnist, and she was an intimate of Emerson. Fuller was an exceptional writer and a ground-breaking advocate for gender equality, but her untimely death in 1850 led to a legacy of scandal and tragedy that overshadowed her remarkable work. Monday, Pulitzer-prize winning biographer Megan Marshall joins us to talk about the life and passions of Margaret Fuller.

Megan Marshall has written for The New Yorker, The New York Times Book Review, The Atlantic and Slate. She's the author of The Peabody Sisters [Indiebound|Amazon] and most recently Margaret Fuller: A New American Life [Indiebound|Amazon].

Margaret Fuller wrote the groundbreaking Woman in the Nineteenth Century [Indiebound|Amazon]