Local Music: 3hattrio

Sep 19, 2016

What do you get if you cross a cowboy singer, a Caribbean percussionist and a classical violinist? Well, if it happens in Virgin, Utah, folklorist and musician Hal Cannon says you get a new kind of Western music. He’s the cowboy singer and 1/3 of 3hattrio. They’ve just released their third album, and Monday, he joins us along with career musician Greg Istock and 19-year-old Eli Wrankle to explain why they say the West was ready for a new genre and how they began creating “desert music.”

Learn more about 3hattrio and check out their albums on bandcamp

Watch a new short documentary about 3hattrio by local filmmaker Daniel Whitaker at VideoWest.org

In the Desert with 3hattrio from Kukaloris on Vimeo.