The Lost World of the Old Ones

Apr 9, 2015

Thursday, Doug’s guest is author and mountaineer David Roberts. Roberts first wrote about the prehistoric people of the American Southwest 20 years ago. He says that when he finishes a book, he generally leaves the topic for the next project. But he could never get the “Old Ones” out of his head. So he continued to explore remote canyons and precarious cliffs to find the remains of their lives. Roberts’ new book chronicles his journeys and what he’s learned about “The Lost World of the Old Ones.”

David Roberts is a mountaineer and author. His books include On the Ridge Between Life and Death [Indiebound|Amazon] and Devil's Gate: Brigham Young and the Great Mormon Handcart Tragedy. [Indiebound|Amazon] His new book is called The Lost World of the Old Ones [Indiebound|Amazon]. His first book on the prehistoric Southwest was In Search of the Old Ones [Amazon|Indiebound]

Roberts is coming to Utah.