Mapping Political Prejudice

Mar 20, 2019

According to analysis by The Atlantic, Salt Lake and Summit Counties are pretty prejudiced. The least prejudiced place is a little town in New York. Journalist Amanda Ripley went to find out why.

It’s no surprise to say that Americans are divided, but a new study from The Atlantic maps county-by-county how deep prejudice runs against people of different political affiliations. Turns out one of the most tolerant places is a little town in upstate New York. Salt Lake and Summit Counties are in the 97th and 98th percentile respectively for prejudice against the political “other.” So, what does that town in New York have that we don’t? Journalist Amanda Ripley joins us to talk about it.

Amanda Ripley is an investigative journalist and a contributing writer at The Atlantic. Her article The Least Politically Prejudiced Place in America appears in the March 2019 issue. You can also learn more about their study and check the prejudice of your own county on their interactive maps.