Millennials and Mormonism

Jul 19, 2017

We’re live Wednesday morning, talking about Millennials and Mormonism. Religion scholar Jana Riess has been studying what she calls “The Next Mormons,” and while nearly all say they believe in God, the way they practice their religion is very different from older generations. And like other faiths around the country, the LDS Church is experiencing its share of young adults leaving the fold. We’ll talk with Riess and others about this generational shift, and what it means for Mormonism.


  • Jana Riess is a religion scholar and senior columnist for Religion News Service. She's the author of  Mormonism for Dummies [Indie bookstores|Amazon] and  Flunking Sainthood: A Year of Breaking the Sabbath, Forgetting to Pray, and Still Loving My Neighbor [Indie bookstores|Amazon]. Her forthcoming book on Millennials is called The Next Mormons.
  • Rosemary Card is an active Mormon, the founder of Q.Noor, a company that creates LDS Temple and Baptism Dresses for young Mormons. She has recently become a contributor to LDS Living.
  • Tanner Gilliland has resigned from the LDS Church. With Samantha Shelley and Connor Snyder, he is co-creator of Zelph on the Shelf, a blog, YouTube channel, and podcast for post-Mormons.

On Saturday, July 29, Jana Riess will speak about Generational Mormons as part of Sunstone Magazine's 2017 Salt Lake Summer Symposium. The symposium gets under way on Wednesday, July 26. You can find more information at