Mormons and Non-Mormons in Utah

Nov 18, 2013

Here in Utah, our social lives are sometimes lived on either side of a cultural fence, one dividing Mormons from non-Mormons. The two cultures tend to intermingle in public and in the workplace. They eat the same fry sauce and pastrami burgers. But whether because of religious or moral values, politics, geography or simply beverage preference, they don’t often mix it up at the same social gatherings. Tuesday, we’re asking why that’s the case, and we want to hear from you. How do you interact with your Mormon or non-Mormon neighbors?

We want to hear from our listeners. How do you perceive social interactions between Mormons and non-Mormons in Utah? Do you invite your Mormon or non-Mormon neighbors to parties or other social events? Why or why not? If you're a non-Mormon, what's it like living among a religious majority? And how do you respond if you're invited to a church event? If you're a Mormon, what's it like interacting with gentiles? How do you respond to if you're invited to a social gathering where alcohol will be present? What do you want to know about how the "other side" lives? 


  • Eric Eliason is a professor of folklore in the English department at BYU.
  • Ann Cannon is a columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune.
  • Frank Pignanelli is a former Utah lawmaker currently working as an attorney, political advisor and lobbyist. He also writes a column for the Desert News with LaVarr Webb.
  • Alison Einerson is the manager of the Winter Farmers Market for the Downtown Alliance and the former executive director of Local First Utah.