The New Wild

May 19, 2015

  When journalist Fred Pearce set out to write a book about the role invasive species play in our environment, he imagined it would be about the havoc they cause. What he found surprised him though. He says the horror stories are overblown and that these resourceful plants and animals are often responding to the damage that humans have wrought. They push their way through concrete and thrive in pollution. Tuesday, Pearce joins Doug to explain why he says invasive species could be nature’s salvation.

Fred Pearce is an author and journalist based in London. Among his books are When the Rivers Run Dry [Indiebound|Amazon] and The Land Grabbers [Indiebound|Amazon]. His newest is called The New Wild: Why Invasive Species Will Be Nature's Salvation [Indiebound|Amazon].

VideoWest, Unruly Things 

In the spring when the rains come, mushrooms flourish in unexpected places. We went with Utah musician and educator Ardean Watts to one of his favorite hunting spots in the west part of the Salt Lake Valley. For Watts, mushrooms are the perfect symbol for his philosophy of life … a love of unruly things. Watch the film at VideoWest