One Big Union

Nov 15, 2016

Tuesday, we’re talking about a new play that explores the trial and execution of labor activist Joe Hill. Playwright and legal scholar Debora Threedy says whether Hill was guilty or not, he didn’t get a fair trial. Her play looks at what went wrong, the efforts to save him, the complicated politics of his case, and how Hill’s words live on in music more than a century after his death. Threedy and researcher Jeremy Harmon join us to talk about the production. It’s called ONE BIG UNION.

Plan-B Theatre Company's production of ONE BIG UNION runs through November 20th. The show is sold out, but a pre-paid wait list begins at the box office before show time. For more information and show times on 11/17 - 11/20, click here.

Visit the Salt Lake Tribune's Legacy of Joe Hill, curated by Jeremy Harmon.