On Paper

Nov 3, 2013

Monday on RadioWest we're talking about paper with writer and bibliophile Nicholas Basbanes. In a new book he chronicles paper's surprising history, functionality and flexibility. As Basbanes shows, paper's proliferation and use has revolutionized human civilization. It's a product with a thousand-fold uses (and abuses). It allows us to express ideas and emotions, fly, settle debts and even establish governments. And the story of paper's sweeping influence is colored by the tales Basbanes tells of its makers, shapers, collectors, sketchers and pulpers.

Nicholas Basbanes will be in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, November 6, to talk about his book On Paper: The Everything of its Two-Thousand Year History at Ken Sanders Rare Books as part of the Utah Humanities Book Festival. That event begins at 7 p.m. and it's free and open the public. More details.


Nicholas Basbanes is the author of nine books, all of them on the subject of books and book culture. Among his books are A Gentle Madness, A Splendor of Letters, and his newest, On Paper [Amazon|Indiebound].