Pentagraham Crackers

Oct 30, 2013

Depression, darkness and disillusionment are frequent subjects in Nick Neihart’s song lyrics. Neihart fronts SLC-based band Pentagraham Crackers, and like a lot of artists, he’s had to scrimp by as he’s struggled to make a living, confront the expectations of family and society, and leave his artistic mark on the world. But there’s a glitter of hope shining through the broken relationships and wilting beauty central to Pentagraham Crackers’ punk rock tunes. Neihart and his band join us Thursday to play some music and talk about it.

Pentagraham Crackers is sharing a bill with four other bands in what's being billed as an Evil Show of Maximum Pain at Bar Deluxe in downtown Salt Lake City on Thursday, October 31, Halloween night. More details.