Radio Hour Episode 14: CIRCLE

Dec 13, 2019

Nothing quite says happy holidays like a futuristic AI take over – which is why our annual Radio Hour is bringing you “a little sentient AI for the holidays.” Join us for Plan-B Theatre Company’s live performance of Utah playwright Matthew Ivan Bennett’s sci-fi experiment, “CIRCLE.”

For this year’s Radio Hour with Plan-B Theatre Company, we head into the future with Utah playwright Matthew Ivan Bennett’s CIRCLE, where humans must learn how to live and interact with seeming mechanical gods. The year is 2044 and, in a twist on the Old Testament story of Abraham bargaining with God to save the human race, in CIRCLE it is the Israeli ambassador to the UN to who must plead with the god-like AI to spare humanity.

Tune in live at 11 a.m. and again at 7 p.m. MT on KUER.

  • Written by Matthew Ivan Bennett
  • Direction and sound design by Cheryl Ann Cluff
  • Performed by Jay Perry, Olivia Custodio and Teresa Sanderson 
  • Original music by David Evanoff
  • eFoley by Jennifer Freed