The Realities of Diversity: A Conversation With Maria Hinojosa

Oct 22, 2018

Monday, we wrap up our Realities of Diversity series with Latina journalist Maria Hinojosa. She joined us to discuss what she’s learned about racism and how to have difficult conversations about race.

Monday, we’re wrapping up our Realities of Diversity series with Maria Hinojosa. She’s Mexican-American, an immigrant, and a Latina journalist who came to her work as a way of telling stories about people like her – stories she says she didn’t see growing up. She joined us recently to discuss what she’s learned over the years about the nature of racism and how you go about having difficult conversations with people who are feeling anxious and afraid about the demographic changes in the country.

Maria Hinojosa is founder of The Futuro Media Group and host and executive producer of NPR's Latino USA, which you can hear Monday nights at 9:00 starting October 22 on KUER.

Listen to all three conversations in our Realities of Diversity series, a partnership with United Way of Salt Lake.