Reconsidering Desert Solitaire

Apr 11, 2019

Edward Abbey’s love letter to redrock country, Desert Solitaire, is 50 years old now. But a lot has changed in that time. The writer Amy Irvine joins us to offer a different take on Abbey’s season in the wilderness.

Thursday, we’re taking a different look at Edward Abbey. His love letter to redrock country, Desert Solitaire, is 50 years old now. It has inspired a lot of people through the years, including the writer Amy Irvine. In her latest book, she offers a tribute and a challenge to Abbey and his work, from his thoughts on solitude and his passion for the land, to his misogyny and misrepresentation. Irvine joins us to talk about Abbey’s season in the wilderness, and her own. (Rebroadcast)

  • On Wednesday, April 17, 7:00 p.m., Amy Irvine will take part in a panel discussion about the work of Utah writer Ellen Meloy. She'll be joined by KUER's Elaine Clark and by writer and journalist Zak Podmore. The event is in conjunction with the publication of Meloy's KUER radio essays and takes place at the Bears Ears Education Center in Bluff, Utah. [Event information]
  • Irvine will also join a panel about Meloy at Weller Book Works in Salt Lake City on May 1. [Event Information]

Amy Irvine is a writer, public lands activist, and a sixth-generation Utahn. Her writing has appeared in OrionHigh Desert Journal, and Climbing. She's the author of the memoir Trespass: Living at the Edge of the Promised Land. Her latest book is called Desert Cabal [Indie bookstores|Amazon]