The Science of Creativity

May 28, 2015

Can everyone be creative? The psychologist James Kaufman says yes, with a caveat. Not many people are going to be a Mozart or a Frida Kahlo. But you can nurture your creative side, and research shows it can make you happier, funnier, and even sexier. Thursday, we’re kicking off a series of short #creativeutah challenges in partnership with the Utah Arts Festival. Kaufman will join us to explain what science says about our creative potential. (Hint: it does require follow-through and hard work.)

RadioWest and Utah Arts Festival are partnering on a series of challenges to get your creativity flowing. Each Friday between now and the Festival (June 25th-28th), we'll post the challenges on our podcast and on-line. You're invited to create your response and share it across social media with the tag #creativeutah.

James Kaufman is a professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Connecticut. He's books include Creativity 101 [Indiebound|Amazon] and the Cambridge Handbook of Creativity.[Indiebound|Amazon]

The first in our #CreativeUtah Challenges is to write a haiku, so we sat down with Utah poet Jackie Osherow to talk about the form. Listen in and share your own work with the tag #CreativeUtah